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    Hey all,

    I have had my 700p for a few months now and am starting to have some problems.
    Lately I have had to hard reset my treo once every couple of weeks and it is starting to get annoying. In the past I have had a few apps on it that I suspect may have been causing problems and have removed them. I use NVBackup and backup to card evey night at 3:00am but I am not sure that is even helping. For example I had a working treo with no problems, I then decided to try out Brightcam. I could not get it to work properly so I tried to remove it and reset my treo. My treo was then in a reset loop!!! I warm reset and then was able remove Brightcam, then I reset the treo. The treo would come up but almost every app I tried to run it crashed/reset on almost like it corrupted the whole Palm OS, is that possible?
    I did a hard reset and restored using NVBackup from the night before when I had no problems and no Brightcam. The treo came up and did the reset on every app thing that happened before I reset, what gives??

    Just last night my treo had been working fine and I tried to use Directory Assistant to find a phone number. Opon searching it crashed and reset and had the same issues as above.
    This same exact issue has happened on several other apps so I am not saying there is a problem with Brightcam or DA.
    I did a HR this morning and manually installed the few apps I really needed because none of the restore's helped.

    I am afraid to install anything on my treo but that is not the way it should be. I should be able to install known "stable" apps on it, after all what good is a Palm if I can't put apps on it that I need.

    Could there be something wrong with my treo or are the problems I am having a fault of my own????
    And what's up with the backup/restore problem I am having??

    Thanks for any advise!!!!!

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    Have you tried starting from scratch?
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    Manually install all the apps you had before brightcam and use it. If you keep having issues, there probably is something wrong. Otherwise, it was a software conflict.
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    Quote Originally Posted by noodle View Post
    Have you tried starting from scratch?
    Thanks for the reply Noodle, I had no choice but to start from scratch since my backups would show the same results as above.

    Quote Originally Posted by gapost View Post
    Manually install all the apps you had before brightcam and use it. If you keep having issues, there probably is something wrong. Otherwise, it was a software conflict.
    Thanks, I did manual installs and am fine with that. My concern is the backup problems. In the past I would try out risky apps because I knew I could just restore from the night before. The problem is when my treo gets messed up and I restore from backup I get the same problems. I even have tried restore's from weeks prior.
    Since then I have installed Resco Backup hoping maybe I was just having problems with NVBackup.

    Has anyone else seen this??

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    I've had the DA problem freezing my 700P, once when showing off "how great my Treo is" to a few friends, talk about feeling stupid! I've been using backup buddy, but recently when when I had to use it to recover some files, it would crash my treo half way through the recovery process, and then go into the dreaded loop.
    I hope for Palm's sake that the 680 or next version 700 or what ever works better, because I don't think that the general public is willing go through all the crap that I ( we ) have to have a device that isn't really as easy to work as advertised.
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    Have you looked at the db cache to ascertain the amount of free memory in the cache? MemoryInfo is an application that lets you check and clear it if necessary. The backup process really trashes the memory and when the free db cache memory is not sufficient, the device will crash.

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    I am using BC and haven't had any issues with it. It does slow things a little depending on your settings. I set it to adjust keyboard lights at power up so it hesitates at the keygaurd prompt while it is nagotiating the lighting situation to either turn the keyboard off or leave it on if its dark and I also use it to set the screen dim settings in contrast to the surrounding lighting. If you use it for all of its options, I can see where it can cause some issues, but I don't use all of the entire apps options...especially for when changing shouldn't have the sensitivity set between app changes...that will really slow it and maybe cause more issues.
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    OK thanks for all the help.
    I will check the DB Cache.

    Thanks for the advise on BC KStewart.

    It only crashes when I show it off!!!!

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