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    I was happy enough with my Sprint Treo 650 that I was going to stick with it until we got a Palm model to beat the 700. Then I accidentally left it in a cab. :-(

    The good news is that I now get to buy a new phone. Any tips on where to get it from? In the forums, I see some people talking about buying on eBay, but that makes me a little nervous. Have people been happy with that? And what good deals have people seen from mainstream vendors?

    Currently I think I'm almost at the end of a two-year contract with sprint, and I'd rather not sign for more than a year.
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    I have a sprint 700 p that I am looking to sell it is in perfect condition covered with best skin ever I am looking for 400 and I will throw in a grey vaja case that is slightly scuffed I am looking to play with the wx
    you can e mail me at if interested
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    usually the only good deal you are going to get with a "mainstream" vendor is with a new line of service or a new contract. I would try Sprint retentions since you are at the end of your current contract. If you want to start over or open a new line of service (with a new contract), I highly recommend 'sprintnetwork' on eBay - they have good prices, but you have to open a new line of service and you have to use their $60 plan for the first 30 days. So, eBay, retentions or switch to Verizon! Good luck!
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    Thanks. I did as you suggested and went through retentions. For a one-year extension, they gave me $100 off retail plus no activation and no shipping charge. I appreciate your help.
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    excellent - glad to be of service. I would also suggest as a resource in the future if you stay w/Sprint. I have gained (and saved) a lot by frequenting that site!

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