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    I just bought a 650 from a web site that advertised it as an "Unlocked GSM" 650. The photo had the palmone logo on the phone.

    When I recieved it, it was a cingular branded phone that is unlocked. I can use my t-mobile sim card, and make calls with it.

    My question is this: are there any disadvantages to having a Cingular branded unlocked versus a Palm unlocked 650? I can return it if there are, but I am too new to know the difference. I have to do something on Monday, so any help would be appreciated.


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    It will work fine, but some of the phone log details are disabled. You can fix this by uploading a replacement phone.prc from or replace the software with the unbranded software. This will require loading an old software update which doesn't check the brand version first, then loading the current one from the Palm site.
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    I would just use it as is. I have an unlocked Cingular phone also, and I use the Cingular firmware.
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    There may be one disadvantage to having a Cingular-branded unlocked Treo and using it on T-Mobile, and that is warranty replacement.

    If you experience a hardware-related problem and it's convered under warranty, Palm will refuse to replace/repair the device, they'll refer you to Cingular. That's what happened to me last time I contacted Palm tech support. I don't think Cingular is very good about processing warranty-exchanges for non-customers; I'd be VERY suprised it they did it at all.
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    I'd imagine that there's no warranty on this device at all.

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