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    Beginning this week, I've been randomly getting booted from Verichat, and then unable to reconnect for extended periods of time. Using the hacked version on my 700p. Anyone else experiencing this?

    Also noticed they no longer do e-mail support--you have to use a very user un-friendly website. I think the product is, sadly, in its death throes...
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    Well had you bought it instead maybe it wouldn't be dying...

    But I've always had intermittent problems with VC... for the last year plus easy. But my problems are it sometimes refuses to connect to either AIM/YIM/MSN. Come back 5 min later and it works fine...
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    I did buy it, thank you very much, about 3 years ago. And I have renewed my license every year as well. The "hacked" version is the one that one of our fellow members here created to work on the 700p because PDAApps was not on the ball enough to ever bother to fix it to work on the 700 themselves.
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    Well, I deleted everything related to Verichat, reset and reinstalled the modified version. Now working fine. Something must have gotten corrupted or something. Weird....

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