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    This is one of those "picky" issues, but I have noticed consistency of the button feel on display 700p models at the Palm store, and at a couple different Verizon corporate locations, and they're softer and all the main buttons, including the 5-way are not too hard, not too soft.

    My own 700p's buttons are overly stiff compared to the aformentioned examples, and it's been annoying since purchase 5 weeks ago. I noticed this at first, and thought mine is better off since it's brand new and the store models have been played around with for, what... since original 700p release perhaps? Well, still, I use mine quite a bit, and nothing has changed... I think it's just a different design batch or just a poorly assembled unit.

    If I were to explain all of the above to a Verizon store, I wonder if they'd hand me over a brand new Treo under the one-year warranty.

    I must say this sounds very picky, yes, but is actually quite annoying as those buttons are annoyingly stiff and even the click is considerably louder than the other examples I mentioned.......
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    I'm very picky about build quality in my devices too. It is indeed very annoying when your device is even the slightest bit different than the rest of them.
    I say give it a try. The worst they can do is tell you no. You can say that it inhibits your ability to type because you don't always push the keys hard enough. I had one Treo that had a very stiff "C" key and I would often edit my mail only to find I was missing a bunch of C's. I took it back to Sprint and they gave me a new one.
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    hi...yes, build quality is very important...mine is the only one I know with this problem. My friend's 2 650's are consistent and just right, as well as the 700's at the store I mentioned.

    thanks for the tip, I will try that. although my keyboard portion is good I must say. but I use the 5 way nav and the other mains a lot so it is annoying nonetheless

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