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    [rant]This is one of those postings where I suspect that the first five responses are going to be from people telling me to "search the forums", which I have done, and with a quick cursory review found nothing so succinct as to address my question. Please - if you don't have thoughts to share SPARE me your "Search the Forums" responses. [/rant]

    I have a short, 2MB video that I shot on my Treo 700p and I'd like to make a couple of quick edits - raise the brightness, etc. The 3G2 format that the Treo uses for video doesn't show up in my Videowave 7 program as a file type it recognizes. Can anyone recommend a low cost/free basic editing program or a workaround for editing Treo Video files?
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    iMovie if you're on a Mac. Sorry, I realise that there less than a 1/20 shot of that actaully being of any help to you, but I figured it would be worth a shot.
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    You can edit your 3G2 files - I found that you first need to convert them to a usable format most video apps can handle.
    I used Quicktime Pro to convert the 3G2 to a MOV file, then dumped it into After Effects. If you google "3g2 converter" you'll find a bunch of apps that will do the same thing.
    Good luck!

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