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    I have the Treo 700P and whenever I get alerts, I usually don't see them until I take out my Treo and use it before I see the alerts. Alerts like when I get e-mail or if I snoozed my alarmed items and etc.

    Is there any way that whenever I get an alert, (and when my ringer is turned off) that it'll vibrate? I already went to the sound settings and under the vibrate option, i had set it to when the ringer is off but it doesn't seem to work.

    Any help would GREATLY be appreciated.
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    Are you using Versamail. I was and had the same problem. I found out you couldn't get your mail alerts to vibrate on versamail. What a waste. I use Chatter now and have no problem.
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    Do you like Chatter? Does it drain your battery much?
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    I tried wireless synch and it did attachments lousy. I then went to versamail and it did not vibrate....great I'm in a meeting or a movie and my phone rings! I tired chatter for free for the month and Marc is great adressing questions and issues so I bought it and deleted the other 2 programs

    I have the new settings that save battery life....slows down the receipt a bit....but the battery life was poor before and is just as poor now. That is a Palm issue not Chatter.

    Try it for free for 30 days and see if you like it.
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    Yeah... chatter does alert me wheb I have email while my screen is off. But my question is, let's say for example I have a to-do alarm that I snoozed and then on the top left hand corner there is a blinking yellow circle that let's me know I have an alert (or when the alert pops up on the screen). I want it so that when there is an alert, it will also vibrate because I'm not always looking at my screen.

    Is that possible?
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    Guess no one has an answer? I tried contacting Palm and they keep telling me the same thing, of going to the preferences and sound and settings and for every single app, to set the vibrate to always, but I had already done that.

    I wished that there was a customizable way so that I can customize that all Tasks alert would always vibrate.

    Can anyone help me out or has any ideas?
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    Chatter has settings to vibrate or make noise - you really ought to test it out. Ben
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    Also Butler has similar settings - the two together will nag you something fierce. Ben
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    Quote Originally Posted by bclinger View Post
    Chatter has settings to vibrate or make noise - you really ought to test it out. Ben
    I already have Chatter, and the vibrate alerts from Chatter only applies to when I have unread messages.

    But say for example, I have a couple of to-do's in my "Task" and I set alarms/reminders on them. If I have the ringer off, even when they go off, I don't really get notified, cause the ringer is off and it won't vibrate.

    I want to know how I can get it to vibrate when I have the ringer off.


    Well, I went to Google Butler...looks like what I need, going to check it out some more.

    Quick question: Is it compatiable for the 700P? I'll probably download the trial but just wanted to ask. It saids 600/650 and Palm OS 5 and up...but we know what happened with Verichat and that whole nonsense
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    Have you checked your system preferences and checking each of the options on the drop down menu? That is the main place to start. As for ChatterEmail, yhes the alerts only apply to unread messages that have been received and the timer not time-out.

    As for Buttler - it is very compatible with the 650/700p series. Ben
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    Sounds good, Butler it is.

    For the preferences, yep, I tried everything.
    Nothing works.

    Guess if PalmOS can't do it themselves, I'll just another app like Butler to do it for me. lol Didn't even think about 3rd party apps

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