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    After 1 1/2 years of being careful with my T650 I ran it through the washing machine (duhhhhh). Good news is everything still works except the touchscreen. I'm wanting to perform a backup before the replacement phone from insurance comes, but because my phone is so full of programs the Hotsync errors saying there is not sufficient memory. I want to delete a program or two but can't figure out how without using the touchscreen. I also have Launcher X which I'm not able to exit out of.

    Any suggestions? Anyone know how much free memory is required for a HotSync?
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    it should dry out in a "few" days - my 600 got soaked once and took two day to dry out. Ben
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    You should be able to hit your Menu key to exit LauncherX to go back to the stock apps launcher right? or create a favorite in the phone app to "Applications". Then go in there, Menu->Delete, scroll down to what you want to delete and you're good to go.
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