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    Hey everyone,

    lately i have been syncing my 700 via bluetooth with no truobles and I love it!!!

    My question any of you know of a way to initiate a bluetooth hotsync on the PC...instead of having to do it on the treo? there are times when my treo is in my pocket or bag & if i had an icon or something on my PC, then i could just click it to sync up everything.

    even a better solution...are there any apps out there that allow you to schedule multiple hotsycs a day? like every 30 min. during the day.

    i basically am looking for a way for my treo to update calanders, addresses, etc. throughout the day without me having to get it out & initiate the hotsync each time.

    Thanks for all the help!

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    I know that there are some over the air (OTA) sync programs that allow for remote syncing at specific times.

    Heres my take and opinion to your question, IE read it as "Im not sure but..."

    With there being no option to initiate a HotSync via PC even with it wired, I doubt theres a way to do it via BT. I just dont think the program is written that way.

    Just my opinion and not based on fact.

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