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    or maybe a GREAT idea

    It solves a few downside on the 650, improves mp3 player, phone application, great colour to cure our boreness. I hope palm will sell the housing separately in the future

    It is not a big leap from 650 especially being incapable of 3G/Wi-fi

    But after a few days of testing 750V (from 650), I am pretty sure will love this more than 750V
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    I have to admit, I was a little bummed when the 680 was announced. I was REALLY hoping it would have 3G/UMTS.

    I started to consider a switch to WM5, but it would be VERY hard for me, as I've invested over $200 in PalmOS software, not to mention the muscle memory I've developed for all of PalmOS' functions. So I decided to wait it out in hopes of ACCESS releasing a new OS next year that can handle 3G.

    I'll probably buy my wife the 680 and see how she likes it. If I find it to be stable and responsive (unlike the reports I've read about the 700P) I'll probably get me one as well.

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