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    I have a treo 650 on verizon network with the data plan. At work we have an exchange server.

    Can anyone tell me what my sync'ing options and their experiences are?

    I spoke with a verizon tech and they explained to me a sync'ing option that is started from a desktop PC.

    I called goodlink, which has a third party party solution, expensive, but it supports exchange on the server.

    A co-worker has a windows OS smartphone, the motorola Q, and by turning on active sync, he can get email from the exchange server for free.

    Can I set it up for the treo 650 to do the same? Is it only for the 700p?

    What program would I use to read email in this case? Where is some documentation for setting up the exchange server?

    Thanks in advance,

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    very simple,

    -Open Versamail
    -Create a new account
    -Select Mail Service as Exchange Active Sync
    -Enter user name and password
    -Enter mail address
    -Enter Mail Server (address or IP)
    -Tap to Test Settings
    -If success, go ahead. if not:
    -tap to Advanced
    -uncheck Use Secure Connection
    -Tap to Previous
    -Tap to Test Settings
    You will get Success message..

    That's all
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    If you have Versamail 3.0 or 3.1 on your 650 and you follow Crytooth's recipe, you'll get full OTA sync of email and contacts. It's seamless. Emails sent from your Treo show up in your "Sent" folder back on the ranch.

    If you're really daring, spend the $9.95 to buy the upgrade to Versamail 3.5. Use the search mechanism here on TC about Versamail 3.5, however. Some of us have had (ahem) difficulties. These have to do with SSL certificates, mostly.

    If you move up to Versamail 3.5 you'll get full OTA sync of email, contacts, and calendar.

    This is "pull" email not "push" email.

    Chatter's Exchange plugin will I believe give you push email on Verizon. It wouldn't do that for me because I'm on T-Mobile. But it worked well and was easy to configure on my Treo and didn't require any futzing on the server.
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    Is versamail the "mail" application that comes installed? Or is it on the CD that comes in the box?

    Thanks for the suggestions I am going to try it
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    Yes, Versamail = Mail.
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    For verizon users, Versamail comes on the CD. The Mail in the ROM is Intellisync mail.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aprasad View Post
    For verizon users, Versamail comes on the CD. The Mail in the ROM is Intellisync mail.
    I didn't know that! I'm an unlocked GSM T-Mobile guy.

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