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    I have read that when you upgrade to a new device you should not re-sync everything all at once. You should sync the PIM and then sync your apps one at a time.

    Well, how do you sync an app and all its data after the fact? For example, travel tracker, I know where the travel tracker executable, the .prc file, but I do not know where its data is stored, and all its preferences etc.

    How should I do this?

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    I typically do a couple of things when upgrading:

    Backup everything to the SD card via Resco Backup. And then subsequentially restore the programs one at a time via this backup.

    I use Resco Explorer to show me all of the files that are relative to a specific program inconjunction with this backup.

    And I hotsync each time I load a program to the device.

    This HS is critical to fully establish the program on the device as the device is void of all of the unsaved preferences for many of the programs and these get established via the hot sync.

    There are multiple ways to do what you are asking - I've found through my 10+ years of experience that the above is the best one for me.
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