The application where this is occurring is between the 700p and the pioneer AVIC-Z1 automobile navigation system.
The problem is NOT the random disconnects overtime that seem to be posted everywhere. This is a very specific problem and occurs 100% of the time that a call is ended. The connection is broken BOTH when i terminate call using the phone AND/OR when i end the call using the nav screen.

The situation occurs both when i initiate the connection between the devices from the treo and the nav system.

Its really annoying! I remember a couple of years back about some issue with treo's b.tooth functionality and this specific call ending b.t. connection breaking issue. But I don't remember the details or what the fix was - or if there even was one.

I am curious to find out if anyone has had a similar experience and if they were able to overcome it.

I suppose that the problem doesn't have to be specific to my particular connection situation here, but info on resolutions for any bluetooth connection breaks from terminating calls would be appreciated.