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    they will only be available on the palm store, no? which means more expensive then through Cingular, no? (who will likelyonly carry one color?)
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    Last I checked you could walk into a local cellphone store and buy various colors of RAZRs... no idea if a carrier would only carry one color or not (not outside the realm of possilbility) but I would'nt make that conclusion yet, and each carrier will probably be different (I'm not familier with US carriers)

    I'd bet a coffee you can get more then 1 color of Treo 680 from your provider once it's released, but that's only my opinion.
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    I'm not a fan of the red and copper orange colored treo 680s. I think they look like cheap toys personally.
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    I really like the white, but will it get dirty easy? susceptible to stains? My ipod has no issues though. Not sure.
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