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    It's shutting down its connection if I navigate away. I get a red QUIT in the bottom right corner when I leave the app, and it has to Connect when I open it back up.

    I'm using a sprint 650 and the connection is set to always on -- imap via fastmail. Help, help!
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    I'm using 2.2b6.
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    It says "Quit"? That would only happen when you do a "Shutdown".

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    Are you using SSL? Maybe you're not using Matrix? Anyway, send an email to

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    Dammit, I think it may be b/c I used my original registration code. I am using SSL, but... anyway, the red text is hard to read b/c it goes away so fast, but I think it says, "OFFLINE" instead of "QUIT".

    I'm going to try to put in my chatteremail+ registration code and see if that fixes things... If that doesn't work, I'll email you as you requested.
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    Nope, it still does it. Emailing you now.
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    You should check your hotsync user name using the method described in the FAQ at my site and send that to us...

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    My hotsync user name hasn't changed. I just emailed you -- it's now staying online now, even when I navigate away. It's strange. But I'm still guessing it had to do with putting my original registration code in there instead of my chatteremail+ code.

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