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    every time I call sprint cc by dialing *2, *4 and so on after finishing the call and pressing hang up all on the touch screen the phone goes off for a second and than back on right away
    to make it clear to whole treo does not turn off just the phone portion and I can tell this because it displays it in the top left corner of the screen "phone off"
    that only happens after calling sprint and not anyone else
    any ideas what is going on here?
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    This was discussed in some detail a while back. Try doing a search on this forum and you can read all about it. Basically, its a problem that Sprint and Palm both know about, but, as far as I know, have done nothing about.
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    Confirmed - same problem here.

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    i tried to search for it but cant find anything
    can someone poin tme in the right direction?
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    Are you hitting the red botton for too long? Try using the center nav botton.

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    no, I'm not pressing the red button at all, I press the "hang up" button on screen
    I had th sprint tech look at it and asked him why is it doing that...he didnt know

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