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    PrintBoy is a Bad Boy.

    I bought it and it caused an immediate crash, necessitating a wasted day re-loading 300 or so programs one at a time to check for conflicts.

    Result: No conflicts in Internal Memory with any program. It wotked fine as long as there was no module inserted.

    Then the 8 MB Memory Module was inserted without activating any program, causing an immediate crash with Fatal Error and permanent damage to the 8MB Memry Module. Cooked. Toast.

    Bachmann offerred to hold my hand through a reload, but stated they cannot be responsible to damage to memory modules or any damage caused by any of the 300 or so programs.

    This means you're okay if you just work with a bare PDA, but if you insert a memory module, you're on your own for risk of damage.

    So I'm out the cost of the module.
    I asked for a refund for PrintBoy.

    Bachmann bought a lot of cheap advertising with this determination.

    Caveat emptor.

    Bruce, The PDA P.A.
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    Addendum 1 hour later:

    Handspring answered my call in 3 rings.
    After hearing my sob story, they (a pleasant voice named Gabriel) graciously agreed to replace my damaged 8MB Memory Module within 3 days.

    Terrific service!

    Bruce, The PDA P.A.
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    What makes you sure that the memory board didn't just go bad at that time, causing the whole problem itself? Although I don't use PrintBoy, I find it hard to believe that PrintBoy damaged your extended memory module. Just because PrintBoy was the last program you installed doesn't make it guilty. Perhaps you have other insight as to why it was PrintBoy that is %100 to blame?
    Bryan Nystrom
    Natara Software, Inc.
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    Yeah, how could software destroy a module? I could see corrupting memory or something, but making it stop working?
    Matt Nichols
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    Yes, software can, and has, destroyed 3 modules so far.

    I'm a heavy user with too many programs, none of which cause conflicts.

    Tonight I'll recharge the Prism for the sixth time today.

    Yes, I need a life.

    Fortunately, Handspring stands behing the Lunatic Fringe.

    Bruce, The PDA P.A.
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    So, are you saying that PrintBoy has destroyed 3 modules so far? Or that 3 times you have had modules destroyed with various software? This is a very important fact that you fail to point out.
    Bryan Nystrom
    Natara Software, Inc.
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    Thank you for letting me clarify this, as you bring out the most important point.

    The first two modules were consecutively cooked by a serious conflict between the modules, other recent programs, and the download of a very old large program that was written many generations earlier than current programs. The theory is that some programs conflict with others, and this one was very incompatable.

    The PrintBoy problem I had was probably due to its' incompatability with one of the 300 or so programs on my PDA and Memory Module. My particular concern was that the conflict caused a permanent crash of the module/programs which could not be approached because the module kept crashing upon insertion. I never even got to bat to try to solve it.

    PrintBoy is a terrific program.

    I offer this experience to other PDA users after failing to practice what I preach: Test each program individually for conflict before going to town.

    Bruce, The PDA P.A.
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    OK. That helps clarify the true nature of a lot of your problems.
    Bryan Nystrom
    Natara Software, Inc.

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