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    I have a 700p and I am trying to get Versamail to access
    my fastmail account subfolders via imap. Sending and
    receiving mail works correctly but up to this point I have
    not figured out how to get Versamail to display any
    subfolders that I have defined on the fastmail server.
    I have subfolders of Inbox and user defined folders at
    the same level as Inbox.

    Do subfolders work correctly with Versamail 3.5.1
    or should I be looking at another email app?? If it does
    work what are the steps. I have tried syncing (via the Sync
    Server Folders menu item) and only the Inbox shows up.

    Thanks in advance...
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    I just installed 3.5 and after dealing with the whole SSL ERROR: Root problem I am annoyed to find that I can't get sub folders still.

    This is a gross error on the part of palm and whoever makes versamail. Most users of exchange have rules set up to run on the server side which will move the emails into a sub folder. Which means that anything important enough to go into a sub folder is not important enough to be viewed on your treo.

    On my email and everyone else at my companies, anything in the inbox only is left over spam that our filters didn't get.

    I hope I am wrong, please tell me someone found a way to make subfolders work with activesync. The one guy who has a 700w is having way to much fun with this.
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    If you have IMAP, you really should try ChatterEmail.

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    We use exchange.

    1) Are exchange folders IMAP compatable?
    2) Is there some plugin for exchange that allows IMAP connectivity?

    I looked at chattermail but I really didn't see that they were any more compatible with exchange which is what our company is looking for.
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    I am using a Verison T650, and with Chattermail I *am* able to
    1. Sync email with my company's Exchange
    2. Use subfolders.

    Subfolder use is a bit cumbersome: to file to a subfolder you have to pick it up from a pop-up list you get, and to Synchromize a subfolder you have to set up a "mailbox" to mirror it on the Treo, but it WORKS, which is the only system I know that does this, and the only reason I am buying CM at the end of my eval period ...
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    I grew frustrated and gave VersaMail the old "heave ho out the door". Seems like an incomplete application that works for setups other than the one I have. I wish that I could easily remove it from my 700p. I am now evaluating Chatter and Fusemail (had to let fastmail go also... too many connect and other server issues ).

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