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    Sorry if repeat, search of "access" returns a lot but generic (can I access); don't have time to search each page of the 14 threads returned.
    On Palm's site, pic of the back of the 680 shows an ACCESS logo, right above the number 18 marker descriptor for removable battery.

    So I know Access owns/develops Palm OS, blah, blah, blah. But iirc, Palm kept the right to do some stuff on their own, hired significant people for developement starting a year or so ago, and there's been speculation that the relationship isn't great.

    I don't know if this logo means Access developed things like the new 680 phone app, etc, or if legally there's agreement that anything called Palm OS (even if the OS itself hasn't changed, my/common assumption), gets their logo.

    Nothing earth-shattering, just curious if anyone with inside contact has any clue about Palm/Access.

    I'll be buying a 680 as soon as available since I broke my 600 a year ago and wouldn't pay the price for another 600 or a 650 knowing new products were on the way. Now I'm travelling heavily again, having to start the laptop for each little thing feels.. so Y2K, I actually dusted off my 270! But with a UNIX background, I'll probably upgrade to the first ACCESS/Linux POS-feel unit that comes out, so I have hopes for the ACCESS product.

    JacknaylorPE, anybody else, know anything?
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    The access logo is on the back of the 700p too. It's there because access owns POS now, but Palm is still responsible for the hatdware.
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    As far as I can recall, you can identify what Access/PalmSource have contributed to the OS by reviewing Creator IDs in a file manager such as FileZ or Resco Explorer. Their IDs will be entirely in lower case.

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