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    It seems to me that a natural comparison would be between the Treo 680 and the Nokia E62 -- both can be seen as "crippled/cheap" versions of their big brother phones. Both lack 3G data and WiFi and are, or will probably be available for under $200 on contract with Cingular US.

    The 680, running Palm OS, has a ton of software but a rather old-fashioned design (no protected memory, multitasking etc). The E62, running Symbian S60 3rd edition, is a modern OS design, but has much less software available. The E62 has no camera, the 680's camera (assuming it is like the 650) is nearly useless, etc.

    Any comments?
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    It really comes down to this -

    Do you want a phone that also has some PDA functionality (e62) or do you want a PDA that also operates as a phone (treo device).

    I was a treo 650 user - and now I have a e61 I actually find that a) I don't miss any of those extra programs I spent hours setting up (I'd consider myself a power installer rather than a power user) and b) I use the e61 far far more than the treo 650.

    Yes the palm devices have lots of 3rd party apps but the nokia devices do a far more limited set of functions really really well.

    The e61 is rock-solid and I would expect the e62 to be the same - I just don't trust palm to put out a POS device that will not reset at a vital moment.
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    The way I see it, the Nokia has alot less software (that I want) support. But it's made of sexier material and it's "rarer".

    The 680 has color.

    Other difference like touch screen and camera I can live without.

    It comes down to this, given same price, I would pick a blue 680 over a E62. But since there is no blue color option I would pick the E62.
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    Given the same prices (most probably), the Treo gets a nice run for its money. If my friends reports are true and the stability is solved on the 680, then the Treo wuold be the better bet because of the usability. This is not to say that the E62 isnt there, only that for one who is mildly to not associated at all with smarpthones, the Treo is much easier to pick up and get going.

    Where the E62 has the advantage is the OS, and installed apps. It wins there, and makes for a better professional (not prosumer) choice.
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