I have a treo 650 that is only 34 days old. I am having a problem with showing a calendar event on the home phone screen.

If i have it set up where it shows the calendar event on the top, below the time, above the dial pad, then the event will flicker and blink. Then if i drop down the menus at the top (Record, Edit, Options), the event will show through that and actually be on top of the drop down menus still flickering.

I called cingular, they sent a replacement phone (older than the one i just bought according to the non-resetable talk time by the way) and it is doing the same exact thing. Right after I just turned on only the palm not the phone and no software added yet other than how the phone comes. Hard resets, soft resets do nothing either.

The event scheduled in the calendar is set up for 12pm-12am, doesnt matter what day, no alarm enabled, no location, doesnt matter what category, no repeat, not private, and no notes listed for it.

Difficult for me to explain, but does anyone know a fix for this or heard of this???