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    Can you post in the forum screenshots of your setup? That is:

    - Linksys port forwarding screen
    - UltraVNC settings
    - Firewall settings

    Remember to erase all info pertaining your own router external IP.

    And also, can your Treo 700p get a data connection stable (i.e. browse the web without any problem)?
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    its all working now, my freind helped me get it all setup

    i am using the vnc with the vpn

    thanks for all the help guys

    later, ron
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    I found my problem was with the MS Logon. What VPN are you using? ANd how do you like it. Is it true that VNC without a VPN exposes your network to the internet? Thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by pureinstinct93 View Post
    I have an IPSEC VPN firewall/router on my home cable modem. I have an IPSEC VPN client on my 700p. I connect to my home network with the VPN client. I then use PalmVNC to connect to any network PC using the internal 192.x.x.x addresses. Because I use a VPN client, I do not have to port forward at all and I can use internal IP addresses. If I don't use a VPN client, I am outside of the network and would then have to connect to router's IP address and set it to forward to 1 PC. With a VPN, I can connect to many PCs on the network.
    What IPSEC VPN do you use on the 700p?
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