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    Does anyone know about the new Inventec radio that is used in the upcoming Treo 680? Will it have faxing capabilities?
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    to the radio. Any unit that has modem has a lot of the solution there. But modem function is no small feat, either dedicated chipset or a DSP chip, which Treo probably has for camera and other functions.
    Begs the question why you don't see it offered much. My guess is twofold:
    One, application *and memory use* to finish the job is an issue.
    Two, since the conversion to digital is just pixels on the page, displaying the output on a small screen would be frustrating enough to significantly limit the desirability in the market, enough to outweigh the development effort.
    Panning on a map page where whatever you see withing the existing window is largely complete, maybe just not where you need to see, is way different than panning text to finish each line, several times for each sentence.
    Again, just my guess.

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