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    I have a treo 650 with cingular. The problem is "screen goes off".

    I take the battery out. Wait for couple of minutes. Put the battery in and turn the device on. And everything looks fine with the screen. It works fine for 1 minute and screen starts blinking (i see lines on it, like on an old TV screen with bad tv reception). And these lines start going fast and i start losing the screen, It turn white. After a while i loose that white screen too. Again i take the battery out for 2 minutes. Start over the same thing.

    I dont know whats going on with it. I did every kind of resetting method. Non of them worked. After a few searches in internet i found something called white screen of death but my symptoms doesnt really match.

    Is there a way reinstall all the software?, (like installing the operation system software). If it is a software issue that might solve it. If it is a hardware issue is there anyway to fix???

    Anybody who can help, I really appreatiate it. Thank you very much.
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    By "every kind of reset" did you try the zero-out reset too? That one does wonders, and if it doesn't, it might be a hardware problem.
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    Sure sounds like a hardware problem, especially if you did a zero-out hard reset. That should have put you right back at the original factory fresh point.

    I would bet you need a touchscreen replacement. You can buy them from pdaparts and others. If you don't want to replace it yourself, there are places that will do the screen replacement for you also.
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    I had this happen -- hardware problem -- resulted in replacement of the unit
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    i thaught i did the zero out reset right but more i read about it i dont know im doing it right or not. Correct me if im wrong,

    i press and keep holding following buttons , power , up , hotscyn and press reset and release and after that i realse the rest of the buttons too.

    phone appears to be dead less than 30 seconds and i starts back up.(it says in the palms web page it is supposed to appear dead for several minutes. And it sure is not

    Is it right???? or is there a trick to it???

    IF it is a hardware issue, changing the touch screen will definetely work or not? i want to make sure before i invest money on it
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    The same thing happened to me !!
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    did you fix yours yet if you did plz post what you did.
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    I couldnt fix it yet
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    O alright do you have msn or some thing i can talk to you on. ?
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    you can send me a msg on I bought special screw drivers form home depot and opened the treo up yesterday. Cleaned the connections on it but it didnt help. feel free to e-mail me.I like to share informations.
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    I am having the same exact problem was anyone successful at fixing this. If so, let me know how its done.

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    When your screen goes out, are you able to call your phone or does it go straight to voicemail? I dont know if this applies to phones but most electronics, the display will not affect the function of the device.

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