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    Does anybody know if Yahoo still has that email application that you can download that is $4/month??
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    They do, but only for the 650 -- they haven't yet come out with one that works for the 700p. Given Yahoo's recently announced partnership with Palm for the 680, however, hopefully that app will be forthcoming.
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    Thanks Bekkk ... any idea where I can get a link to it? I cannot find it on the Yahoo website.
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    Actually, it is not offered anymore. Bummer. Guess I will have to wait to see if they come out with a Yahoo To Go for Palm ...
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    Wouldn't it be cheaper to pay $19.99 a year for their plus mail service that allows POP access with a mail client? Ben
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    Or just use Ymail--their free web interface for small screen devices. They've recently upgraded the interface, and it's pretty usable. And free!
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