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    how can I set up zlauncher to the home button?

    how can I set up zl when its turned on to show my favority applications in the main window?
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    Ludus P look for it in the developers forum
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    thanks for the lead on ludus....pretty cool
    now if someone could help me costumize my maine page of zl that would be awsome....
    is anyone using launcher x?
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    Ludus P will allow you to set the home button. Its a nice program and I use it to program my green phone button, but you don't have to buy it just to control ZLauncher. You can go to and on the bottom of the ZLauncher page is a link to the latest beta version (5.42b4). That version lets you set Zlauncher as the default launcher and have it actually work. Once downloaded go into ZLauncher and use Menu>Options>ZL Preferences>General and then check the Default Launcher box. Once thats done your home button will go to ZLauncher.
    As to adding/removing apps from the main window ZLauncher lets you have as many tabs as you want and they can all be named or renamed to anything you want. I assume you want certain things to show up in the "Main" tab. Just use the stylus to press and hold on any program icon and a window will pop up. Choose the "Category" option and assign that program to "Main" or whichever tab you want. You can even make a new tab, put apps in it that you don't want taking up screen space, and then hide that tab.
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    thanks snake,
    you know when you start up the zl the "all" screen is set as default, can it be changed to something else i.e one of my own?
    thanks for your help
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    Go to Preferences -> General tab
    Check "Start on 1st tab" and click OK
    Drag and drop the tab you want to show every time you exit an application to the "first tab" position

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    You can also choose not to check the Start on 1st Tab option and ZLauncher should start up on whatever tab you were last using. As wellsjs stated the tabs can be dragged with the stylus to reposition their sequence. Give ZLauncher a chance and you'll see that it is really customizable. The learning curve is a little steep, but their are soooo many options, themes, backimages, iconsets, etc. I'm forever tweaking my settings and finding out new things all the time.
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    thanks, this is helping a lot
    now once I make a new tab how can I add me favorite applications to it or better yet move them from another tab?
    also in one of the tabs I have bluetooth listed twice, is there a way of removing the duplicate?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bartaholic View Post
    thanks, this is helping a lot
    now once I make a new tab how can I add me favorite applications to it or better yet move them from another tab?
    also in one of the tabs I have bluetooth listed twice, is there a way of removing the duplicate?

    With the Stylus tap and hold the app you want to change, click Category, choose the new tab you created and it will move the app to that tab
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    when I do that its not showing the tab I created....did I do something wrong when creating a new tab?
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    With the tab selected, tap it again and open the "General" tab. Make sure "Hide" is not selected. You can also tap/hold the application icon and drag/drop it on the tab you want to move it to.
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    ok, got that to work but now I cant drag and rearrange the icons within that it possible to do that?

    where can I get more themes and background images?
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    Yes and no. The apps are stored within the tab in alphabetical order. If it bothers you that much you can use the stylus to press and hold the icon, then select "info" and rename the app with something that will change its alphabetical sequence. For example you could rename "ereader" to "books" or "xiino" to "browser" and this will change where they show up in the tab. This is also a good time to change an apps icon too. Just tap on the current icon and it will allow you to change it to something else. Remember to save the changes before you press OK. Use the to find more themes and stuff. 1src forums also has some good free zlauncher stuff.
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    Go into tab properties, icon and then you can choose manual sort, then just put the icons where you want them on the tab.
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    Whoa! Thats really cool. I didn't know about that option. Thats what I mean about learning new things with ZLauncher all the time.
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    thanks adj, thats awesome!
    you right snake there is plenty to learn on zl, is there a manual available?

    I did look over the1src forums but could not find any themes or bkg images, where in that forum should I be looking in?
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    The user manual is posted at the very bottom of the zlauncher web page. As far as the themes go try a google search for "zlauncher themes 1src" and you'll find some stuff. I highly recommend using the search feature in these forums as well. Try something like "zlauncher themes" or "zlauncher icons". If you like the layout of a particular theme but you don't like the background you can always change backimages. Just about anything you want to do is possible. Download several different themes and backimages and play around. Whatever you're not using can stay on your memory card so space is not really a factor.
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    lol, thanks snake
    I do know how to use search but right now I'm on my sprint wireless card and its very slow where I am right now and you know how fun it is to browse through pages and pages with slow internet and I wont be home where my trusty cable connection is waiting for few days
    appreciate all your help
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    Zlauncher is the bomb, no doubt. The learning curve is not bad, but it does take some time to figure out all of the features.

    I like to get one tab just like I like it, and then you can export those properties to all tabs. I've got mine set up for 4 rows of icons, hiding some of the bottom and sidebars. I love Zlauncher.
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    just a quick note

    to be able to drag and drop the tabs you must first go into preferences>general> and change the tab mode to anything but "none" i.e right, left, top, bottom
    or check the option for "tab panel"
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