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    I have a new Verizon 700P using Goodlink to push email to the Treo. If I put the device on at 6 am and leave it connected to the EV-DO network in NYC, so that it receives emails all day, I am out of battery power by 5:30 pm that day. And this is without making a phone call. Is everyone getting such poor battery life?

    Thanks in advance for the quick responses.
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    are using sedio 2400mah battery cause if not try it it will give u up to 33% more battery power.
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    Battery life is worse then the WX. I'm using the P as a temp until they fix the sms issue with the WX. Battery life is not even close to the wx.
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    Not sure what's up with your batteries but mine gives me almost 24 hours under the same conditions here in D.C.
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    I run all day and i am at 50% when I go to bed, and I use the phone a lot.
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    under preference, turn off Beam Receive to conserve your battery life.
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    Another good thing to use is the Keyshade lights programs. It turns off the keyboard lights. I have mine set to the side button so if I need to turn them on I hold it and it turns off. Most the time it is OFF though, and I think this helps tons along with the Seido 2400 battery.

    I suggest first trying out the small program. With those 2 things, I managed to have a full battery on Sunday morning, go out of town, play on the web lots on Monday, then left for home Tues at about 10am and still had about 30% left. Also made a 10min phone call too.
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    I can't speak to that device in particular, but I have found that with my Moto Q, my battery life is lower when in EVDO than when in 1x
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    I've had really good luck with battery life. I am a moderate user and can get probably 1 1/2 - 2 full days before I have to charge. I do use autodimmer and my screen contrast is set a little less than 1/2.
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    I am in Bergen County NJ. I use Chatter and my battery will last about 14 hours.

    This and the lack of bluetooth voice dialing are the 2 issues with the phone.

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    I have a Seidio 2400mAh battery and do not use Chatter, no hacks or mods to the phone. I have VersaMail auto-check my primary email account every 2 hours. I keep the screen brightness set either at 50% or 60% brightness depending on where I am. Assuming a full charge (greed LED) and a workday starting at 8am, with 60 to90 minutes or so of phone usage each day (sometimes less), ~15 minutes or less of web browsing, a handful of e-mails or text messages per day, and BT & IR beam receive always turned off, I have about 30% (often less) remaining after a full 12-hour workday.

    And I have applied the keyboard driver power-save "fix".

    If I leave the phone uncharged on my nightstand after a day like the above I usually have low battery during the middle of the night.

    In all honestly, I'm not noticing much more performance out of the Seidio battery than the Palm OEM one.
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    I have pretty close to the same problem and it's getting worse as my battery gets older--am using a Seidio extended battery that's about a year old. I think, that many people who are have responded to your question and not having the battery problem, are NOT using Goodlink. My take, is that Goodlink is deadly as far as the battery is concerned. At any rate, the battery performance for me, with Goodlink, is terrible...about the same and it's a HUGE problem
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    I am, obviously, running GMM (formerly GoodLink) on my Treo 650 and my Moto Q. I also have access to people running GMM on every device we support, inlcuding all flavors of the 700P. I checked with people running on the 700P and none are showing the drain that BusManager is running. I have an extended battery on my Q and get about a day and a half to two days. On my 650, I can get over 2 days, depending on phone use. Heavy phone use, I get about a day or so.
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    I havent seen it mentioned yet in this thread, but how is your signal strength. Nothing kills a battery like having a low signal!
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    right smack in the middle of New York City, I have a strong signal
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    I 'm in solid EVDO areas probably 4 out of 5 workdays and usually on the weekend unless I leave town. Home, work and my commute are all in solid EVDO coverage areas and I don't work in a basement or anything so that's not an issue.

    I've noticed that my battery life is consistently bad when I travel, so it's home a home region constant signal loss affecting the battery life.

    I do keep an SD card inserted at all times, of course, but that shouldn't matter.
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    If you have any kind of reminder that utilizes the flashing light, it will kill your battery life.
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    You might want to swap batteries and see what happens. I recently had an experience where my power would drop about 5% an hour with very little use. I'm using the Mugen 2200maH battery (and have since the T600) and my friend was getting better results with his OEM battery! I swapped back to my OEM, and the problem seems to be fixed. I'm wondering if the battery is on its last legs. I'm going to order the Seido and see if that helps.
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    I have the Sprint 700P and have the same problem. There are other posts to this effect on the Good Forum. I love Goodlink-- think it is an excellent program. GoodGuy is also very responsive and helpful. But he seems to deny that this is a problem and states over an over that he gets great battery life on his Treo 650 or MotoQue.

    When I run Goodlink, my 700P battery (Seidio extended AND original) run down at 4-5% per hour. Fortunately, I do not need to run Goodlink all day since I am usually near a PC for many parts of the day. So here is my solution-- maybe it will work for some of you until Good or Palm fix this problem:

    Install the following freeware program 'mreset' available here:

    When you are spending time during the day near an internet connected computer, use mreset to do a soft reset (without needing to take the battery cover off and press the reset button). This effectively shuts off GoodLink and prevents battery life drain. Then when you need GoodLink on again, just click on the Good icon again.

    Of course this won't work for those who need Good on continually, but many people don't need it on all day.

    Hope this helps at least some!
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    I have had a 700p for about a month. I use Verizon Wireless Sync to update email about every 2 hours and have the bluetooth always on. Even with minimal to no phone calls and minimal texting my battery is down to 20% by 8pm after starting with a full charge at 7am. If I talk on the phone for any amount of time I have to recharge in the middle of the day. I have not yet tried the powersaving options mentioned above but do they really work? I get excellent signal strength in the DC area and the battery life is extremely poor whether in my home network or traveling.

    This is seriously annoying!
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