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    I also think the battery life is not near the 650.

    Also suggest turning off BT if not used or use BT toggel.
    I also heard low signal or roaming drains the crap out of it..

    I just bought a backup battery..Since I over clock and use GPS a lot..
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    Are there any bugs or incompatibility issues with this BT Toggle and the 700p? Does anyone have opinion on Blue Fang which is a free BT management program on the Palm Gear site?

    By the way, I did try keeping the BT off for several days, first thing I tried. Battery life was still crappy.
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    I use a 700p and bought a second palm battery. Iwas a 600 user so to have a replaceable battery was a key reason to upgrade. I swap my battery about once a week. Just exchanged battery and the battery that had been in my brief case was almost immediately recharged when I connected to power.

    I have noticed that both batteries seem to last longer than the 600. I use phone for 30-60 minutes a day, check snapper e mails 1 to 10 times a day and do a little surfing. Used for 2 days recently. No problem. I usually recharge at night and I keep a charger at work and at home but I have not needed to charge at work.

    I had beam on. Just turned it off. Beam switch is under preferences, power. Took me a while to find.
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    I have a 700P from Verizon with a stock battery, I have Snapper mail get my mail every hour, and get phone calls all day long with my job, surf the web about an hour a day. My battery never goes under 50 percent.
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    I believe that it all depends on how often you check your e-mail. I was out of the country on roam last week, with no e-mail or web access. Phone battery worked great. When I'm home and chatter checks my e-mail every 15 minutes, my battery will last 14 hours.
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