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    My other TREAO 600 (that I bought from PALM) quit working as a phone -- PDA works fine. I get the above error when I dial #* 377. What is wrong, and how can I fix it?
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    [B]This is VERY strange. PALM told me to buy a new TREO and therefore I bought another (refurbished) TREO 600 on eBay, and that is a long story.

    My second TREO 600 finally developed a problem with horrendous noise and static on the receiving end of the call; and I couldn't hear at all with the built in speaker. I read several other TREO problem solving sites and decided to wrap the wires in the TREO with aluminum foil as recommended. ( It was really quite simple. I also transferred the speaker from TREO #1 to TREO #2. While I had #1 apart, I also wrapped its wires with foil.

    Now it gets weird! The static in #2 was eliminated with the foil wrap, but I still couldn't hear the call with the speaker. But, it works with a headset. TREO #1 which had the original HALRadioOmap.c problem now works fine; the "bad" speaker from #2 works fine in #1, and there is no static.

    Go figure! I think that disconnecting the system from the battery when I wrapped the wires with foil, solved the problem. I will be glad to help any of you.
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    I had the same problems with my Treo600. Reset with the same error message after most calls.
    Before the crashes occured the buzzing occured during calls.

    The fix helped.

    Thanx very much

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