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    My 600 has a loud hum on both ends when the call is connected. Any idea what the problem is?
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    Search for 'Buzzing Noise' in this forum. Good luck.
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    This is VERY strange. My firstt TREO failed with the HALRadioOmap.C failure code. Therefore I bought another TREO 600 on eBay, and that is a long story.

    My second TREO 600 finally failed after 2 months. The noise and static on the receiving end of the call was horrendous; and I couldn't hear at all with the built in speaker. I read several other TREO problem solving sites and decided to wrap the wires in the TREO with aluminum foil as recommended. ( I also transferred the speaker from TREO #1 to TREO #2. While I had #1 apart, I also wrapped the wires with foil.

    Now it gets weird! The static in #2 was eliminated with the foil wrap, but I still couldn't hear the call with the speaker. But, it works with a headset. TREO #1 which had The HALRadioOmap.C problem now works fine; the "bad" speaker works fine in #1: and there is no static. Therefore the foil wrap works.

    Go figure! I think that disconnecting the system from the battery when I wrapped the wires with foil, solved the problem. I will be glad to help any of you.

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