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    Hi, hope you can help. I am a new user with the TREO 650. I use ACT as my CRM. I am using ACT link to sync with the TREO. They sync except the calendar and I get these errors.*** Warning *** Remote DB Open failed on DatebookDB with error: 4004
    *** Warning *** Write Remote record failed on DatebookDB with error: 4017

    Thank you for any assistance.
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    I'd call ACT! Tech support...sounds like a setup issue with that S/W
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    I am not getting anywhere any other suggestions. Thanks, Pat
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    I don't know what files are used by Act. Do you see Act stuff in plain old Palm's Calendar application?

    My guess is that Act is still using the old filename and has not been updated for PalmOne devices.

    On the Treo, the actual calendar data is in CalendarDB-PDat.pdb file. The old name of the calendar file, DatebookDB.pdb is just a placeholder for use by old applications which are unaware of this change.

    You could try the following risky procedure (since I don't know how Act works):

    Backup all files.

    Do a warm reset (search here for details). Use FileZ to delete DatebookDB. It will be re-created by the device as needed. Now do a regular reset. Is all the data there in Calendar? It should be. Now Hotsync.
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