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    The 700p is littered with problems and Palm fails to acknowledge or rectify this. For instance, the 700p is SLOW, SLOW, SLOW. It lags. Palm blames this on third party software, BUT, even with a hard reset, thereby clearing all memory, it still lags. The bluetooth connectivity of the 700p is also gawd awful. It drops the connection every hour to your bluetooth device making it impractical to use. Do you use MMS messaging? If you use too much of it, it will reset your palm!

    Admittedly, Palm has given us a device that "works" by their specifications. But, in "real world" testing, it hardly meets up to the $600 price tag (do you really want to wait 10-15 seconds switching between the browser and the phone?).

    So, will the 680 be any better? You tell me. If palm fails to support their flagship $600 phone, what makes you think that they'll support your $200 budget model.

    Think I'm making this up?

    Check this link for the grips of hundreds of Treo 700p users:
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    Those links don't work.
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    Don't think you're making it up, but I do think you're being extremely selective. There are many thousands of 700P users who aren't complaining. I do, however, agree that a ROM upgrade is long overdue, and Palm support sucks.
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