I have an issue with my TomTom 5 software on my 700p that I can't seem to figure out. I have not had this problem with it on my old 650. I have installed the application as well as my maps from the CD but for some strange reason, it doesn't appear in my Phone as a shortcut nor on Initiate but it does appear on my Applications. It appears as though the software is installed to my SD card and only the stock Application can read it but none of the other launchers can. I have yet to resort to a full hard reset to see if it goes away. I have reinstalled my TomTom software again and it still has this problem.

Do you think it is a issue with it reading the SD card? And how come it doesn't put a copy of the app on my device?

I would love to see if anyone has a solution or if anyone else is having this problem. Thanks in advance.