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    I've installed latest software on IntelMac.Program installation appears to be correct. When I try to open desktop to access my info. The program does not open and just continues to cycle. I'm at my wits end.
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    It is not really the solution to your problem, but I'm using MBP and 700p over Missing Sync and it's working wonderfully. Never tried Palm Desktop on Mac.

    You might wanna give Missing Sync a try. It works seamlessly with Apple's PIM softwares and iLife softwares.
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    I am using it and it works fine.

    Why don't you try moving your palm files ( ~/Documents/Palm ) to some where safe for a bit.

    Then delete and reinstall a fresh copy of palm desktop ( download the newest from palm )

    I'm betting that 'll get you up and running and you can try moving the data back after that.

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