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    does anyone know if the 680 will be able to use a wifi card? I had read in another thread that only windows treos can use them, if its true why is that?
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    Because the 680 uses the Palm OS, it will NOT be able to support the WiFi Card.

    Rather than starting ANOTHER string about the merits - or lack thereof - of WiFi on a cellphone you can refer to this string - there are many others.
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    i wasn't asking about the pros and cons of wifi, i was simply asking why a palm os treo can't use a wifi card. If you read my question you would have seen that I already knew that only windows treos can use the cards.
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    THe 680 uses the same version of POS as the 700p and the 650, ergo it can't use a wifi card.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Keefer Lucas View Post
    ergo it can't use a wifi card
    I think technically it (they) can, however Palm, for whatever reasons, has not taken the time to write the necessary drivers for it. Obviously, the Enfora folks figured it out.
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