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    first of, great site. thanks for all the info. very informative. i have been searching for a good treo forum to touch up on and educate myself. so far of all the sites, this one is the best i have found.

    i am currently a razr owner....never really a "need" for a treo. i have, of course always wanted one. my best friend has had the 600,650 and is waiting for the 750...i have played with both and have always really liked them.

    i am in healthcare...25 years old and am bout to venture into the smartphone/pda world. I really only "need" a phone as a phone, but would like to be able to have email, the web, and a quality phone at my disposal when i am on the road. i am very laptop dependant as is. the 750 seem like more phone then i need. reading xcel documents and the like are fine...i donít need to edit them and such.

    does this 680 sound about right for me? you guys are the i seem like someone that would benefit from this?

    i thought about the Q since i love the thinness of the product, however, i hate the scroll wheel. of course the new Pearl was an option, since imo, BB are the very best for email, but again, i hate scroll wheels. i have even read a lot about the new HTC Dash. it looks great, a tad smaller then the Q, but i am really no fan of T-mobile. been w/Cingular for years and years.

    the treo 680 sound good for me?

    id appreciate any recommendations
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    You might want to wait for the 750 for a couple of reasons. The biggest being the high speed Internet capabilities (3G) as the 680 is stuck at EDGE speeds. Another argument for the 750 is that is runs WM5 which is a newer OS that gets updates. PalmOS 5.x is old and Palm has given no indication that the OS has any future. Please refer to one of the threads concerning WM5 vs PalmOS for plenty of opinions on the two.
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    anyone else?
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    depends on if the data speed is a concern for you. if not, definately get 680.
    palmos is 100X easiler to use then winos. And you should get a treo because the form factor is the best out there and trust me, you will not be able to live with touch screen and one hand navigation.

    680 all the way.
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    From your needs, it sounds as if the 680 would be a good device for you. Other devices such as the TMobile Dash and Moto Q (Verizon) would also fit in the range of what you are looking for in a device, and what you want to do.

    While I share the like of the Treo (I have a 650 that I use for as much as humanly possible), your needs might speak towards something like the Q that is not as feature filled and is sized more like the phone you probably already have.

    One suggestion would be to check out the Q in the store. The Dash is not yet in stores, but should be there in the coming weeks. The Treo you have played with, but the 680 is slightly smaller and reports have stated that it feels even smaller than it acutally is. Getting that hand time is importatnt since you said that your first need is that it would be a phone first.

    In terms of usability, the Treo 680 might be best as the learning curve is quite small. The phone implementation isnt half bad either (speaking as on using the same types of usability on his 650, also found on the 700).

    It does not seem that anything more than the occasional email would hit for you, so I would avoid high priced data plans if at all possible, and therefore the PDAs that go with them.

    Other than that, I think you have a good idea of what you want. Just go play, and then ask questions (then come back here and ask the same questions - we are sometimes more knowledgable than the sales associates you'd run into).

    Hope your search goes well (oh yea, I am personally going for a 680 simply because of the more memory and usability tweaks).
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    awsome. thanks for the help guys.

    i have seen and read up on the dash and it sounds impresive. i am not a t-mobile fan, but a buddy here at work is already on the list to get one. i will def play with his after he does indeed get it. looks great..smaller then the Q and supposedly from reviews much more stable in hand. my big thing i do not care for is the scroll wheel...which it doesnt have but the Q does. i beleive the dash is just the joystick.

    i would prefer touchscreen and i am anxious to really see the size and feel of the 680..

    thanks again guys

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