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    I'm looking for a replacement case for my 700p. I tend to bang mine up good and this would be easier than trying to use my warrenty or insurance. Thanks.
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    I've got one off of eBay. A dummy would work as well.
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    I want to do the same thing. However, aren't you afraid of voiding the warranty by removing the sticker over the screw by the antenna?
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    The Sprint store I go to is pretty nice, they actually suggested I replace the shell instead of use insurance, but maybe the guy wasnt thinking all the way through. I guess I could take it in and just have them swap it for me in the store.

    Also I looked on ebay and searched every possible way but all I get are 1000's of different cases, and the few shells they have are pretty weak (like the aluminum and metal shells). I'm really just looking for the factory replacement from sprint or palm, is there a place to get these parts, not accessories?
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    I'd be interested to hear as well, if they were available anywhere. But I doubt it. I figured we'd have to wait until "for parts only" 700p's start showing up on ebay.
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    If you guys are still looking for OEM replacement shells this is the place to go to.
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    Looks like all they have is a Verizon 700w shell. Still, a step forward.
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    search "housing" & not "case".
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    Quote Originally Posted by treoneo View Post
    search "housing" & not "case".
    Done that... tried every single word you can think of for it. All I found was the Verizon housing on the link I posted above... which works for me. W or P is the same housing.

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