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    Have any Browse-It users received Fatal Exception errors?

    I suspect it's a conflict with one of my hacks, maybe TealEcho.

    Here are the others I'm using:

    Fitaly (not Stamp)
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    I had fatal errors with Browse-It when using JOT to enter username & password, the only thing I was using was the grafiti echo so TealEcho could be it. Are you experiencing trouble when entering text, doing other things, or randomly?
    Matt Nichols
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    Once, the first time I ever started the program and once during text entry. After I recovered from the second one, I turned off all hacks and it seems ok.

    I'm going to try it w/o TealEcho.
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    As soon as I installed Browse-It I got repeated fatal exceptions when trying to connect. Deleted it, still got the problems.

    I have to say that I don't think the problem came from Browse-It as I replaced the batteries in the modem, and all's well connecting with AvantGo.

    Maybe I'll get chance to get to the truth, right now I haven't got the time to try again...

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