I have an emailtreo account and I am forwarding my personal and business email to that account so that I can recieve push email. Right now I have my work forwarded to my gmail and my gmail to my emailtreo, but I am in the process of setting up folders in emailtreo and forwarding them seperately so I can keep better track of them. I already have a SMTP profile for my emailtreo account and I am happy with all of the options selected for this mailbox, so when I set up the two new mailboxes do I select all of the same options I have selected for the emailtreo mailbox? (ex: Sleep hours 8am-10pm, Custom Vibrate 3 pulses, SSL checked, always online, etc.) When I set up my new SMTP profiles do change the IMAP.emailtreo.com server name to SMTP.emailtreo.com like it is on my original SMTP? Thanks!