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    I was wondering the .3pg videos I recorded from my treo is not playable with any software on windows xp? Is there anything I can do to convert these files to be viewed on pc? thanks

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    You mean .3g2? (That's the extension my Verizon 650 gives them.) Quicktime plays them just fine.
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    The video the Treo 650 shoots can be played by either RealPlayer or QuickTime software.
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    awsome thanks
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    3gp for GSM Treos and 3g2 for CDMA Treos.
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    Has anyone paid for the Quicktime Pro upgrade? Can they be saved to other formats from there?
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    Quote Originally Posted by maceyr View Post
    3gp for GSM Treos and 3g2 for CDMA Treos.
    Is there a reason the file formats are different bet GSM and CDMA?

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