I've been having this problem for quite some time now, but I have now had it up to here.

The first issue is that the screen blinks on and off every few minutes. This is definitely annoying and it seems to be cutting into my battery life. I have run tests where the gprs is off (i have cingular), the email program, chatter is shutdown and verichat is also off. I have full bars, and yet the screen still blinks off and on every few minutes.

The second issue is that every night like clockwork, my treo resets itself near midnight. I've looked at other solutions and problems, but haven't found anything close to what I'm seeing.

The third issue which is just as annoying is that when i'm running verichat, it keeps logging on and off all day. even when i have full bars. the only time the connection is constant is when i am in the middle of an im conversation. but even then, it sometimes disconnects and tries to reconnect.

Any ideas/solutions?

Thanks in advance.