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    There is a version 4.0 on the Palm site ... can we and if so should we use this for the Visor??

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    NO! Don't use the 4.0.
    It is designed for use with the serial not USB connection. I understand there is a complicated work around but I think it is better to wait until Handspring releases their modified version.
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    It's actually very simple.

    Install 4.0.

    Copy the PalmCMN.dll and Palm.cnt files to another folder(they will be found in the folder: \Program Files\Palm ).

    Install the Hotsync software from the Handspring disk (custom installation) ONLY the hotsync Manager, NOT the entire desktop application. when you select 'custom' you'll see checkboxes....only check 'hotsync manager'.

    This will automatically start hotsync manager.
    Shut it down!(right click on the "hotsync" icon on your start menu bar (near the clock) and select 'Exit'). If you don't shut down hotsync manager here, you WILL experience problems.

    Copy the 2 files mentioned above BACK into the Palm directory (overwriting the existing files).

    Start the Hotsync manager and GO!

    I've done it twice without a hitch on 2 VERY different machines.

    just make sure to follow the directions in the EXACT order listed. and don't forget to 'exit' hotsync manager before copying those 2 files back into the \Program Files\Palm directory.
    wow, it's been awhile.....things have REALLY changed...why is my Visor Edge still in my hand? Will a Treo fit better?
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    I just started following your instructions, but got an error message like "this version is not compatible with your version of hot-sync manager..." and the install terminated.
    Do I need to uninstall my current hot-sync manager or Palm desktop or both?
    If so which Palm folder(s) should I backup just in case.
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    You need to rename the HotSync.exe file before running the setup for Palm Desktop 4.0 (exit the HotSync manager before renaming).

    check this post out A New-New version of Palm Desktop 4.0

    I haven't tried this myself as I upgraded before this revision of the installation package
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    Thanks for the link IanP.
    I'm still a bit confused though.
    Do I copy out the PalmCMN.dll and Palm.cnt files from my current installation, or from the new v4.0 one?
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    here's the instructions as I see it, though remember I've not had to do this as I managed to download desktop 4.0 before Palm changed the installation package:

    • Prior to running the 4.0 setup, rename the hotsync.exe file from your palm directory (normally C:\Program Files\Palm).
    • Install Desktop 4.0 into your palm directory
    • open your Palm directory and copy palm.cnt and palmcmn.dll to another directory.
    • Using the lastest Handspring Installation software, choose Custom Install, and install ONLY HotSync Manager.
    • Copy palm.cnt and palmcmn.dll from the directory you stored it back into your Palm directory.
    If you're not sure, I'd wait for handspring to release their revised version - it might be tomorrow as part of the Visor Edge announcement...
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    I had upgraded to the version 4 desktop software before buying my Prism. The software itself has a really nice look - and I think its a good step up.

    Anyway, when I installed my prism, it over-wrote version 4, back to ugly 3.1. So, this is what I did:

    1) re-installed version 4.

    2) Ran the Handspring setup program. DId a custom install AND only installed the hotsync manager. Told it to install for USB and Serial (my wife still has a Palm IIIc). And UNCHECKED all other options.

    3) When it finished, was all set. I was running version 4 of the desktop, and I could hotsynch from both the prism cradle and the palm iiic cradle.
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    Is Handspring releasing its version of the Desktop software? If so when?

    yeah, i wrote that ...

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