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    It'll cost hundreds more than the competition, and will only run on Apple-approved cellular systems. There might also be issues with it overheating and cooking your ear, but at least it'll look pretty.
    I don't think an apple smartphone would cost that much more than a 700p. For the outdated technology (no wifi, same processor from the 650, etc.) I would gladly pay a couple hundred more for the work of art Apple WILL release. Also, there has been talk of Apple heading over to Cingular to start their phone thing. We'll see, chances are my 700p will go out the door the moment I have Apple's in my hands.
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    if steve jobs ran palm, we all be eating stone crabs & lobster for dinner every night, banging nfl cheerleaders on demand and MMSing without lockups.. good ol steve jobs
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    Would an Apple SmartPhone really be what you all think it will be?

    I admit I actually own an iPod, but that's because my wife got one and I want to use the same accessories that she already has, but is it really the best thing out there?

    No built in FM tuner, no built in voice recorder. Plus, Apple added a search feature to the 5.5G so my 5 month old 5G can't get the search feature although everyone believes it could handle it.

    The phone may look pretty, but what will they leave out?
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    First, let me say that while I do own a Mac, and pretty much have used one for at least 10 years, I use my PC about 80% of the time, so I'm no Apple cheerleader blindly following Steve Jobs. That said, Apple makes the best interfaces on the planet. When Apple designs a product, like iTunes, iPod, iMovie, etc., it is invariably eloquent, easy to use, does what you need (and no more whatsoever) and just "feels" right. Comparing Windows Movie Maker with iMovie is, to me, like comparing WM5 with the PalmOS. But the big flaw in that analogy is that while the POS is also eloquent, easy to use, etc., it is unfortunately far too buggy. Really, the POS is a lot like Mac OS 9.x.

    If Apple makes a smartphone it will eat WM5 for lunch when it comes to usability. It will lack a few features, bells and whistles for sure (vs. WM5 and maybe even the POS) but it will be intuitive, easy to use and I, for one, will line up to buy it. In short, it will be a Treo but without the desperate need for a firmware update.
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