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    This site has helped me tremendously with my issues with the Treo phones so I thought I would post a review of the phone and it's accessories that make this little machine indespensable for me. I am a rep in New England. I drive 40k a year all over the six New England states.

    I have the following

    Treo 700P
    Jabra JX-10 Bluetooth headset
    TomTom Navigator 6
    Proclips dash mount with built in charger cable
    Palm desktop charging cradle for Sync to PC

    I am not a "power user" with dozens of software titles on my phone. I use it for making calls, retrieving and responding to emails, contact management, scheduling and as a navigator. I also use the camera and video recorder and several of the other included pieces of software, especially the calculator.

    Treo 700P - upgrade from 650. I like this phone alot. I like the palm platform better than the windows mobile I have played with although never owned. Keyboard is better than the 650, it's faster especially for the internet and the camera is better. I really like this phone and couldn't live without it.

    Jabra JX-10 - finally a bluetooth headset that works as advertised. Not a problem yet (2 weeks). This is my fourth BT headset. It also is very comfortable for my ear. Comfort is highly subjective however so don't take my word for it. There are several people that find it uncomfortable on this site.

    Tomtom Navigator 6 - cool as sh.t! BT GPS receiver. A little slow to pick up the signal and doesn't work great for switching back and forth between the phone and the navigator but it helps me tremendously when my directions are in question. The way it let's you select the contacts in your Outlook database is sweet. Finding nearby hotels etc. is also a great feature.

    Proclips - Get this mount! Specific to your vehicle with no permanent holes etc. I have tried several different solutions for this and the proclips solution blows away everything else including the Seidio vent mount or window cup mount. The proclip is solid as a rock, takes two minutes to install and places the phone exactly where it is most visible. The tilt mechanism works great allowing me to adjust to the reflected light.

    Palm cradle - nice way to sync with my PC, charge and view the phone on my desk at my office. I was tired of fumbling around with the included sysnc cable.

    Versamail - sucked on the 650 and sucks on the 700P. I have a POP3 email account. In Outlook I have to check the "leave a message on the server" box so that I can get emails on my Treo. I can't delete emails off of the server from the phone even though it clearly advertises that it does. Versamail is the only program that locks up my phone occassionally. If I knew enough technically I could probably get it working well but my opinion is that it has problems that are universally experienced judging by comments on this forum.

    I hope this may help some of the other people on this site that use this phone the way I do and are on treocentral looking for answers to some of these questions. It has taken me 2 1/2 years to be truly happy with almost all of the features of my phone.
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    I hated Versa Mail and VZW Wirless Synch but think Chatter mail works great!

    The one thing i hate about the phone is the lack of bluetooth dialing. This is so much safer in the car.

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