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    I guess I'm a little concerned. When one of the other Treo sites asked why the 680 has the standard SD vs. the 750's microSD, the Palm rep said because of the types of users of the 680 would be able to find the regular SDs easier. What a cop out. I'm pretty pissed that I will have to buy a new microSD card when/if I switch to the 750. Course, I could switch over to the 680's larger memory and antenna-less case and continue to use my 2GB SD cards. I really wanted the 750 to have the full SD card slot..
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    Quite right - a typical marketing decision (new does not always mean better guys!). A proper upgrade would have been to put in an HDSD compatible slot instead....which would of course have accepted existing SD cards!
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    Well keep in mind if you buy a mini-sd card, they almost always come with an SD card adaptor. So you put the mini-sd in the adaptor and put that into the SD card slot. So if you are worried about the future, just buy the mini-SD and put it into the SD slot.
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    One other reason for keeping the full-size SD slot in the 680 is for people that upgrade from older Palm OS devices; they will likely have full-size SD cards that they want to use in their 680. That established user base isn't as large for the Windows Mobile devices.
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    I think they had to go mini SD to to the size of the radio in the 750....just my theory.

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