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    My Treo is tripping buttons on its own. This started slowly as I'd notice it would be on a different application than when I turned it off, then it started waking up on its own, then keyguard kept it from turning off (which drained the battery to dead by morning), and occasionally it would "lock" on a character and run it out endlessly. Now it turns itself on every few seconds. My car is no longer speaking to my Treo, despite having been happily paired together for a year and a half.

    I finally "caught" it in the act - I was trying to enter text and it went completely bizerk, entering random characters non-stop, moving itself between applications and running gibberish across the screen in a maddening, unstoppable frenzy until I yanked the freakin' battery from this Hal 9000 before it became completely self-aware.

    I tried to search for this problem but came up empty. I'm hoping to avoid a hard reset. I've only added a few applications (SAG 1.06, pTunes Deluxe, Google Maps, etc.), but the problems began before adding these.

    Anyone have a similar problem or an idea what may cause this?
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    Granted I'm no expert, but based on my experience with electronics it sounds more like a hardware problem, where you've got water or dirt in the contacts in your keyboard. I've seen this sort of thing on other devices under these conditions. Did your Treo get dirty or wet recently? You might try blow-drying your Treo, but make sure no one is looking or they'll think you're crazy... Otherwise you may have to open it up to clean out the contacts, but you may want to try the hard reset first just to rule out software problems.

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