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    PGP long ago stopped supporting PGP Mobile, but a couple of us have found it works -- a little bit -- on a Treo. I'm using the 650.

    Many of the functions don't work at all in this Palm OS -- like file encryption. But wiping of memos works, and so does the Vault. Or they seem to.

    For email encryption and decryption, using the Palm clipboard, I've been able to paste two public keys into a memo field, from my desktop, and import them into PGP Mobile (using import from memo). They check out fine. But when I try the same with the corresponding private keys, PGP Mobile reports that they're invalid or corrupt, and won't use them.

    Has anyone managed to get private keys into PGP Mobile on a Treo? How?
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    Nobody on all of TreoCentral is using PGP Mobile any more? If anyone can help I'd sure appreciate it.

    The fact is it's tantalizingly close. I can encrypt mail to someone's public key, so I can send securely from Snappermail with Treo 650. But I can't figure out how to import a private key, so I can't decrypt mail sent to me.
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    Pardon another bump -- is there really no one using PGP on a Treo?
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    Maybe I'm not the most astute Googler in the world, but for the life of me, I cannot track down a copy of PGP Mobile (I believe the last version was 2.0.2). Anyone out there have a copy they would be willing to distribute?

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