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    Sorry that this is a double post, but I'm not getting any response from my post in the other thread:

    I'm getting desperate. Do you think calling Palm could/would help? (I'm guessing because I'm syncing with my Mac, that they wouldn't be able to help me)
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    I figured it out. Because I was just swapping my old phone for a new one of the exact same type, the Entourage Conduit (address/dates/tasks) wouldn't overwrite the data on the phone because it was the same user name.

    So my solution was to go into the Entourage Conduit and select "Entourage Overwrites Handheld" for Address Book, Calendar, Tasks and Notes. Hot Sync then transfered all out Entourage data on to the Treo.

    What's interesting is that when I went back into the Hot Sync Conduit Manager to change all the settings back to Syncronize, they had automatically switched themselves back. Slick!


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