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    My wife needs a new phone, and I think the 680 would be the perfect first smartphone for her. Has there been any indication when they will be coming out for Verizon? Thanks -
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    There has been no CDMA version announced, and I don't see it coming out for VZW for months. Probably mid 2007 at the earliest, by my guess.

    Look at how long it took for a GSM Treo running WM5 to be released for GSM. The 700w was out on verizon in January, and we are just now seeing it in people's hands in the GSM world. Thats 10 months later.
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    I think palm said 20 carriers by June at last weeks press event. That may leave room for cdma folds by then.
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    based on this year's roll-outs, next June makes perfect sense to me too.
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    They probably have 20 GSM carriers across the world to sell the 680.

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