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    Is it possible to temporary disable voice call while using internet, since GPRS traffic is not constant, voice call may break in between the 'gap' and interrupt my download, I don't know if forwarding the call will prevent the interruption as well, any idea ?
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    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $anything$ $other$ $than$ $the$ $problem$ $you$ $are$ $describing$ ($to$ $that$ $level$ $of$ $abstraction$) $is$ $outside$ $of$ $the$ $GSM$ $spec$. $I$ $imagine$ $there$ $must$ $be$ $some$ $interrupt$ $being$ $triggered$ $to$ $disconnect$ $you$ $from$ $the$ $data$ $and$ $shift$ $to$ $the$ $call$ $within$ $the$ $software$, $I$ $wonder$ $if$ $it$ $would$ $be$ $possible$ $to$ $have$ $some$ $other$ $software$ $listening$ $for$ $that$ $interrupt$ $and$ $forward$ $the$ $caller$ $to$ $voicemail$. $Seems$ $pretty$ $difficult$ $to$ $me$ $though$, $maybe$ $a$ $more$ $experienced$ $programmer$ $could$ $help$ $you$ $out$.

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